Anti Local Ban sXe All      Tired of worrying about if you banean by local and you can not re-enter more into "that" server? Here I give you two ways of circumventing this ban so annoying for us that we want to play quietly or simply those who want to bother the admins / players without worrying LanguageWhat is Local Ban?The Local sXe Ban is a ban based on hardware ID (HID), each computer has a unique hardware configuration, this information is used to get the HID of each player.To put it in Creole, is a ban of HID. The HID is an identification of each unit volume of your hard drive. For example, the IP address of your Internet connection would be like your home address, and the HID would like your document number. Fortunately, as in real life, you can fake / change the document / HID if desired.PB Downforce:This application is used to spoof or hide the volume ID number of your unit or hardware ID (HID) and so to enter where you banearon servers per location.How to use:1. I unzip anywhere (eg on the desktop.) And open PBDownForce.exe.